$10 Picture Ledge

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Stud Finder / Screws Wood Glue Picture Frames /  2- 1×4 @ 8 ft long /1-  1×2

DIY Picture Ledge

I made this picture ledge in the living room above the couch for under $10 and it was so easy I didn’t even think about making a YouTube video on it. I plan on making more, so if you do want to see the tutorial, just let me know and I can make one!

I bought 2 seperate 8 foot long 1×4 boards. If you want your ledge to be shorter, just measure whatever size you need and cut it down to the length needed. Use a drill bit to pre-drill all your holes. This will prevent the wood from splitting.

How To Make a Picture Ledge

Screw the two 1 x 4 together using 2″ screws. You can use wood glue to make it extra secure. Then, tack the 1 x 2 onto the front with 2″ finish nails.   DIY Picture LedgeI pre-drilled the holes on the 1×4 and screwed it into the studs on the wall.DIY Photo Ledge

These DIY picture ledges are much more sturdy than the store bought pre-made shelves. I think this is one of the easiest and least expensive projects I have made. I strongly encourage you to give it a try and share it with me! Think about the possibilities. You can use these as bookshelves in your kids room, for magazines in the bathroom, cookbooks in the kitchen, and you can even use it to store your spices. Hang some S hooks on them and store your coffee mugs!

DIY Photo LedgeI love gallery walls, but I didt want to ruin the walls with a bunch of holes. This was a perfect solution because now I can display our family photos without much damage to the walls. But it also made such a big impact in this living room. I was able to bring some color and personality into this room just by using some fun, colorful pictures and different size picture frames. DIY Photo LedgeI get most of my picture frames from Goodwill because they are much more unique than what I find in the store.DIY Photo Ledge

You can paint your shelves, stain them, or leave them as they are. I strongly encourage you to give this a try! I love mine!


Stud Finder / Screws / Wood Glue / Picture Frames 

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