$2 + 1 Min. DIY Challenge | Dollar Tree Wall Art

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Hey, guys! I want to start this new DIY challenge. So this challenge is basically just as is sounds.  Using only $2 and editing a simple, basic video down to 1 Minute for the DIY Challenge. The goal is to simplify DIY and allow others to think outside the box. Inspire them.

This DIY may not be everyone’s style, but they can make it their style using the basic idea.


You have to be careful when you’re selecting decals at Dollar Tree because a lot of them are just 1 big sticker with clear backing that pretends to be a decal. The one I selected are individual stickers so it worked perfectly for this. I feel like this is something you would see at Hobby Lobby or Home Goods for around $40 – $50. Obviously it would be better quality than on a foam poster, but it’s still pleasing to the eye.

You can make this any way you want. You could adhere the stickers onto wood for a rustic look. Put it on a canvas, poster board, mirror, frame it with a poster board or a thrifted goodwill frame. The options really are endless 🙂

I like putting it on the ledge so I don’t have to worry about hanging it up. If you want to hang this, you could easily glue some ribbon to the back and hang it up onto your wall.

So, I’m challenging YOU and I can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂


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