DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Shower Curtains (No Sew)

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 In the midst of redecorating bathrooms, I always have a hard time finding the “perfect” shower curtain. For my bathroom, I didn’t want anything with too much print because I didn’t want them to clash with the dalmation wallsI also didn’t just want a clear liner or a plain white curtain, either. I wanted something neutral so it wouldn’t distract from everything else in the bathroom, but I still wanted it to make a statement. I began searching online and I found what I was looking for. I loved the white curtains with black borders/frames. black and white curtains

pb curtain2

Harper Curtains

pb curtains

Color Bordered curtains

I was inspired by Pottery Barn streamlined bordered curtains, a couple problems though, 1) they didn’t have my size *and neither did any other store. I hunted for days!* 2) kinda expensive for what I need 3) I don’t want blackout curtains for my shower

DIY shower curtain pottery barn

So I thought…”this can’t be too hard. I bet I can DIY it and make it however I want it” So I bought two plain white fabric shower curtains . You can absolutely sew a 2 inch. border around your curtains, unfortunately my mom who lives hours away, is borrowing my sewing machine, but sewing is another option. If you don’t have a sewing machine or if you don’t know/like to sew, this is option two. 

diy pottery barn inspired shower curtain

I laid the shower curtains out separately, one at a time, taping it down onto my floor so it wouldn’t move, leaving the side out that I planned on painting.

diy bordered curtainI took a ruler and a marker and made a 2 inch border around the side.

diy bordered curtain

I didn’t want my border to be too small and I didn’t want it too “chunky”, either. 2 inches is perfect for the streamlined look I wanted, but you can make yours however big or small you’d like.

diy shower curtain

 I then taped off where I made my 2 in. marks.

diy bordered pottery barn inspired curtains

Using black fabric paint I painted along the taped off edges all the way to the end of the curtain. (I used paper towels and a trash bag so it wouldn’t get on my floor). I used 2 coats of paint.

diy shower curtain

After the paint was dry I flipped it around, taped off the border, and painted the other side of the curtain.

diy shower curtain

I also painted two coats on the other side.

diy potternbarn inspired shower curtain

I’m really happy with how they turned out. I think it gives a nice streamlined, subtle yet dramatic feel to the room.

diy shower curtain

The black vertical lines add much needed height to the tall (but small) bathroom. And the white makes it feel breathable, airy, and clean.


I will be sharing my complete bathroom makeover very soon. I’m really excited to share this room with you guys because it was done a very small budget and I’ve managed to make a lot of storage room for such a small space.


White Shower Curtain / Black Fabric Paint / Frog Tape / Paintbrush  / Ruler 

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