Back Entry Foyer Update- Chandelier

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Pictures really don’t do justice, but I wanted to show you guys our new chandelier we installed in our back entry foyer. This area is small so I didn’t want to install anything too big.

After searching online for something that wasn’t too big and had just enough glam, this light was an MASSIVE sale (and still is) which is honestly the reason why I purchased it. You can get yours here. 

We aren’t electicians and procrastinated hanging this light because we thought it was going to be much harder than it was. I do have some suggestions for installation, though. There are 3 different chain lengths for the jewels. There are 6, 8, and 10. The chains with 6 links go on the outer circle. The 8 chain lengths go on the next row, and 10 chain lengths hang in the middle. You can install those before or after you install the light. (We installed them before but it was quite heavy which made it more difficult to hang).

Remove the crossbar by untwisting the nuts. Attach the crossbar to the ceiling by screwing it into your holes. Connect your wires accordingly. We matched the white with white and black with black, then wrapped the copper around the copper. Then we connected the canopy (which is the fancy part of the light).

We used 60 watt which is pretty bright and we will probably purchase 40 watt because it was a lot of bright light for this area. I wish pictures could do justice, but they really don’t. Here’s what it looks like at night with the light on. I love the shadow it creates on the ceiling!

For the price, I am absolutely blown away by the quality. Get your while they’re on sale!



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