Backyard Oasis- Plans + Inspiration

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This spring/summer we haver really been focusing more on the exterior and outdoor living than we have in the previous years. Although we are still focusing on a couple rooms inside, I feel that the interior is finally getting somewhere. Yay! Now we can shift our focus a little bit onto the exterior.  We have a pretty big backyard, a patio, an empty space between the garage and patio, and a fire pit, all of which needs to be updated and/or decorated.

By doing some searches online I was able to find a couple inspiration photos that I love. In the photo above, I love how the lights are draped between the fence and the doors. It gives off such a relaxing ambience. I also love all the plants and the stepping stones. However, I feel this space isn’t set up much for entertaining which would be great if we weren’t into having company over and wanting our own little sacred oasis.

I wouldn’t add the swings, but i love the idea of building a pergola. This one also has a place to hold a projector screen to watch movies on it, how fun! I would use mine to wrap lights around it and, when entertaining, add curtains to it. It could be so fun to decorate for birthday parties too! We could add those decorative poofs or balloons or anything. Scott also loves the idea of building a pergola around the fire pit.

I love the painted chandelier, plants, and the seating arrangement. I also love the hanging wooden frame with the hanging plants to give it a little bit of separation from the patio to the lawn.

In the photo above, I love the colors, patterns and textiles. I like all the seating arrangements which would be great for entertaining. I like how they made the outside look like an indoor living space, but would prefer mine to be a little more open.

I’ll be sharing the progress we have been making on our outdoor living space as it comes along.  If you missed my Five Below haul, make sure to check that out. We purchased a new patio table and I found an adorable serving table/tray with metal benches from Five Below that I couldn’t pass up.

So not only are we doing landscaping projects, but we are also trying to decorate the patio, backyard, and this empty space between the garage and patio. It’s not all going to happen overnight, but we can do baby steps and I can share the progress as it comes along.




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