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Last week (in my very first fashion post) I shared with you that I had discovered the concept of the Capsule Wardrobe. It was like a light bulb 💡went off in my head. We don’t replace the floors in our home depending on the season. So why should I be replacing all of my daughters clothing 4x’s a year. And if you’re struggling with the costs I have a solution for you!

I recently purchased all of Jayli’s capsule wardrobe items. I purchased them all online, this really helped me be able to match up patterns and colors easily.

These are all the newly acquired pieces I have purchased for her going back into school (I can’t believe I have a 4th grader!)

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion (such as skirts, pants, and jackets) which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. The concept of the capsule wardrobe for me is to save money, get better quality items that lasts longer, use mostly neutral pieces, and they have to be comfortable!

I feel so much better purchasing items I know will last a long time and will work with so many different options. I know that transitioning into the Fall and Winter won’t be as costly because we can transition those pieces into the different seasons. Therefore, making my money stretch further and we can both be stylish!

I’m starting to build my capsule wardrobe. So I’ll share all the clothing pieces I purchase and all the different ways we will wear them. Today, I’m sharing with you Jayli’s capsule wardrobe.

The first we had to decide on was the color scheme.

Once you have a color scheme down, it makes it almost effortless! Purchase some plain t-shirts both in neutrals and within your color scheme.

Do the same for bottoms and graphic tee’s. This will ensure you can mix and match every single item to create even more cute outfits and they will all go together effortlessly.

Then I picked out some jackets/sweaters that are neutral and also in her color scheme as well as a couple dresses.

This solid maxi dress is so versatile because it’s in her color scheme so she can wear it as-is, or pair it with a crop top over them, put a graphic tee over it and even put a tie-knot in the shirt, pair them with a cardigan, etc… Maxi dresses are great because they can be dressed up or down just depending on the occasion.

How adorable does she look in this hat! She felt so confident wearing it, strutting around in her new outfits! New clothes make you feel so good!

I also purchased neutral printed striped leggings and neutral cat printed leggings. I also got some under-shorts for underneath her dresses/skirts.

I opted to purchase two versatile pairs of sandals, one in black and one in brown; both versatile so they can be dressed up or dressed down.

I also purchased some tennis shoes that are casual that can also be dressed up or dressed down.

I put together some outfit ideas so you can see how easy it is to create several different outfits by mixing and matching pieces you have. I will be sharing that blog post soon. I’ll also be posting photos on instagram so be sure to follow me there if you aren’t already!

This is the first year I have ever created a capsule wardrobe and I didn’t spend any more money on her school clothes than I have any other year. The difference this year is that several of these key pieces can be transitioned into the fall and winter (and hopefully back into the spring and summer next year). Therefore making my dollar stretch further so I can update my wardrobe as well!

Do you shop according to the capsule wardrobe method? Where you getting all your children’s clothes from?



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