Crystiles Peel and Stick Backsplash (FAQ + INSTALLATION GUIDE)

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As my DIY Peel and Stick Backsplash video  becomes more popular, there are more and more questions asked. So, here is my follow up video explaining a more depth FAQ. I also show you guys where and how the tiles are made.
Is this tile smooth flat surface or does it have a texture?
They are three diminutional. Feels like actual tiles when moving your hand over it.
Are they durable?
They will never crack or yellow. And if the installation guides are fully followed, they will last as long as you want them to
Are the tiles resistant to humidity and water?
Yes they are resistant to the humidity of bathrooms and water splash. However, they can’t be installed in the place of continuous and direct contact with water like the inside of shower.
Are the tiles heat resistant?
Yes the tiles are resistant to the heat of a stove and other countertop appliances such as toaster ovens, mini ovens, etc..However, they can’t be in direct exposure to an open flame.


What surfaces are best for these tiles?
Crystiles peel and stick tiles are specifically designed for kitchen and bathroom. They can be installed on most clean, smooth and dry surfaces like mirror, un-textured wallpaper, smooth ceramic or glass tiles (without reliefs), linoleum wall, acrylic wall panel, painted gypsum, painted wood board, flat stainless steel panel, aluminum plate, etc..
What places are NOT suitable for Crystiles tiles?
Crystiles tiles are NOT recommended for dusty, porous, crumbling or rough surfaces like porous wood, brick, stone, ceramic, or glass tiles with high relief, textured wallpaper, unpainted gypsum, etc…and Crystiles CAN’T be installed on floors, countertops, and ceilings.  For the surface with direct and continuous contact with water like the inside of a shower, Crystiles are NOT recommended either.
How should I prepare an unfinished gypsum surface or an unfinished plaster surface?
If there are empty sections between the panels, apply a layer of plaster to smooth out the surface. Then apply a primer coat to the entire surface and allow 72 hours for it to completely dry. If you use paint instead of primer, it is necessary to wait up to 30 days for it to completely dry.
Can I cut a hole in the strip for an electrical outlet?
Yes, scissors or a sharp utility knife works. They are pretty easy to cut through.
What if I need to go more than 1 tile in height?
Just use scissors or a utility knife to cut the tiles to whatever height you need. Make sure you order more than you think you will need.
Can I easily remove the tiles?
The tiles could be repositioned during installation if firm pressure has not already been applied. Once the tile is aligned properly and firm pressure has been applied, the tile will be stuck on permanently and can’t be re-used. If you want to remove the tiles when firm pressure has been applied, use a hair dryer to warm up the tile to soften the adhesive and delicately remove from the corner. Excess glue may be left on the surface, and the surface like latex paint, might be damaged.
Will the surface be damaged when the tiles are removed?
It depends on the surface they were installed on. For some surfaces, like latex paint, the paint might be damaged.
Can I get a sample?
Yes, they have 1-sheet pack samples for most hot items.
Where to buy Crystiles peel and stick tiles?
Search “Crystiles peel and stick tiles” on or click here to view their home page of all available items. You can also visit their website at and click the “Shop” icon to buy.
What should I do if I want to be a distributor of Crystiles tiles in North American?
Send an e-mail to to proceed.



How to clean and maintain the tiles?
Simply use a piece of cloth or a sponge to restore the shine of the tiles. Use a mild non-abrasive household cleaning product. Do not use abrasive-cleaning product to clean.
Installation Guide:
These tiles are specifically designed for bathrooms and kitchen backsplash and they are perfect for DIY decoration projects. Unlike ceramic tiles or glass tiles, you can finish your project in just an hour by using the product without any grout, any mess, and even without any glue, and the whole installation is dust-free. What you need to do is just cut, peel, and stick.
Clean the surface with a powerful grease-remove. Allow enough time for the surface to dry completely. It will not stay on long if the surface is wet or dusty.
Use a level or chalk line to trace the guideline on the wall. Peel off the protective paper in the back without touching the adhesive portion with your fingers. Align the top of the first Crystiles tile on the line that was already drawn. Apply pressure on the tile to finish.
The 1st tile MUST be perfectly aligned as all the following tiles will be installed against this one.
For the jagged edge on models, the overlapping tabs on the first Crystiles must be cut off in order to get a straight edge to begin the installation.
For the 2nd and all remaining, overlap the grout line of the edges over the already installed tile.
Cut the tiles for desired size / shape simply by using scissors or utility knife guided by a ruler if needed.
To remove, heat the tile surface with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive and delicately remove.


The tile could be repositioned during installation if firm pressure has not already been applied. Once the tile is aligned properly and firm pressure has been applied, the tile will be stuck on permanently and can’t be re-used.


  1. For freshly painted gypsum, allow at least one month for the paint to dry completely before applying.
  2. For gas ranges without a back control panel or metal plate, a safety zone (without Crystiles tiles) of at least 18” (46cm) must be preserved to avoid direct exposure to open flames. For small appliances like toasters, counter ovens, etc…, leave a safety clearance of at least 3” (8cm) between the tiles and the appliances

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