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Today I am DESTROYING my rental kitchen! I’m testing out all these so-called “Renter Friendly” products. I put my faith (and money) in these products…are they going to stand true to their words of being “renter-friendly” or did I waste all my money into these products?

Faux wood cabinet – This stuff came off so easy! Most of the product came off in one piece. No sticky residue was left behind. Recommend- yes.

Faux Stainless Steel– Wow. This one was really tough to remove. This stuff is SO THICK and durable. You WILL need a blow dryer to remove this product. The heat from the blowdryer helps loosen up the adhesive. When you pull this apart, it will come off in one piece, which is nice because nobody wants to sit there and pick off a million pieces. No sticky residue was left behind. Tip! Use your oven lock to remove it from the oven. This will ensure your oven won’t continuously open when you’re pulling it off. Recommend – yes.

Backsplash Wall tiles– Using a blow dryer, heat the tiles up in sections to remove them. The heat will help loosen the adhesive. Peel it off carefully. Recommend- maybe. It did take off some paint from the walls. If you’re really concerned about it I would not recommend it. If you’re ok with doing some patch work then I say go for it. I would use them again.

Faux granite countertops – Use a blow dryer to remove the countertops. This helps loosen up the adhesive. This was one of the hardest projects to remove. It took a lot of time to get them off because the amount of heat you have to apply to get it loose takes a while. Work in sections and pull really hard. Recommend- yes.

I hope this inspires you and makes you feel like you can actually update your rental without risking losing your deposit. I would love to hear/see what projects you have done. So don’t be shy, share them with us!

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