DIY Bow Holder

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Jayli has just two days left of second grade. I can’t believe it. Be prepared for lots of crafts and DIY’s this summer break. We started off this craft just days before summer break. We went thru her bedroom and donated lots of things in preparation for her new bedroom makeover. We found all these extra hair bows at the very top of her closet. She couldn’t reach them and I forgot they were up there! So, together we made this DIY Bow Holder out of decoden, rhinestones, paper maché letter, ribbon, paint, and hot glue. It’s just an easy and inexpensive DIY you can make that will be useful AND look adorable in their room.

Jayli started off by painting the cardboard letter purple, but you can customize yours any way you want. She painted the front, sides, back,etc..until she was happy with it. We glued two pieces of the ribbon to the back of the J using the cool setting on the hot glue gun. The cool setting is made for crafts that could melt your project and safer for kids to use. Keep in mind that it is still hot so they must be very careful if they are using a hot glue gun.

She picked out all the decoden, rhinestones, and pretty pieces she wanted on the J, rearranged them how she liked them and then I glued them onto place. I drilled a small hole in the back to hang it on her wall with a small screw. You’ll see how it looks in her room soon, we still have to paint her room which is another DIY project all in itself for this summer. She loves how it turned out and I’m happy that all her bows are on display and easily organized.


Decoden / Rhinestones / Hot glue gun with cool setting / Paper maché letter / Grosgrain ribbon / Paint / Paintbrush



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