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GUYS! I am redoing my entry way and the first thing I made is this super rad (and inexpensive to make) coat rack/picture ledge. I wanted to add artwork and have a place to hang up our purses and jackets so this was the perfect solution for our small back entry.

I love how it turned out. It looks like something I bought at the store but it was so cheap to make.

I’m obsessed with these knobs. They are so beautiful and I’ve used them in a lot of my other DIY’s. because I can’t get enough of them!


1x8x6′ long

1x4x4′ long

1x2x4′ long


Rainbow Crystal Knobs

9/64 drill bit

Drill Gun

Titebond Wood Glue

1 1/2 in. screws

Drywall Anchors


Speed Square

Tape Measure



Cut all your wood the same length. I cut mine to 40″

Measure and mark where you want your shelf to go on the 1×8 using your T-square

Glue your 1×4 on the line where you marked it

Use your wood clamps to clamp it down into place

Wipe off excess glue

Make sure the shelf is straight using your level

While the glue is drying, measure and mark where you want your knobs

Using 9/64 drill bit, drill your pilot holes

Drill your pilot holes into the back of your 1×8 into your shelf (1×4)

Screw your screws into the back to ensure a strong shelf

Glue your 1×2 onto your shelf (1×4)

Clamp it into place making sure the bottom of the 1×2 is even with your shelf

Allow it to dry

Sand your wood making sure you get off all the wood glue

Stain or paint your wood

Screw your knobs into the wood

Hang it up on the wall

And you’re done!


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