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So, I knew I wanted to do something with this cube organizer because there was so much space that was being left unused. Sure, storing your bins is great, but what if we stand it up and create even more storage on the sides. Here is a DIY that takes a little more time and elbow grease than some of my other DIY’s. But, I think it’s worth it. In fact, several years later and I still use this in my office!

I bought this cube organizer with intention of DIY’ing it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do because there’s so many options with it! You could turn each side into something different. I didn’t know if I wanted to use it in my entry to hold shoes, jackets, mail, etc…Or if I wanted to put it into Jayli’s room for her toys bins with a mirror on one side and a cork board on the other. Did I want to add a chalkboard to one side, maybe a magnet board, or a pegboard..I just wasn’t sure. But let this be inspiration for your next project.

Here was my master plan. I knew I wanted wheels on it so that I could rotate it around easily. I wanted cork board/peg board/dry erase/chalkboard/I knew I wanted something on it. That way I could utilize the empty sides. I also knew that I needed knobs on it so that I could hang up my camera or jacket.

I decided to go with cork board on the sides. Although you can do whatever you want following the same steps, but instead of cork board, apply whatever you want.

What you need:

Cork board
Loctite Spray Adhesive


We laid the cork board down with the frame just to make sure I was going to like it. Then, we measured the cork board and marked it off with a ruler and a marker.

Then we cut the cork board to size.

This is the adhesive we used to adhere the cork board to the side of the organizer.

It’s pretty self explanatory…just spray the organizer and place the cork board on top

Then we put some fabric books on top for weight and let it set overnight. Once the cork board was adhered, it’s time to frame it out.

What you need to frame it:

Wood Filler
Panel Nails
Nail Tip
8′ Panel Moulding

Have your wood pre-cut to 45 degree angles to the size you want.

For this cube organizer we made these cuts:

(2) 48 1/2″ L cut at a 45 degree angle -for both the left and right side

(2) 14 2/4 ” L cut at 45 degree angle -for the top and bottom

Lay it out and pre-drill your holes with your drill bit, this will ensure you won’t split your wood.

Hammer your 1 5/8 in panel nails into the hole you just drilled with your drill bit.We didn’t have white nails but that doesn’t matter.

Using your nail set, hammer your nail down further into the wood so that it is all the way down into the organizer. You don’t want your nail to be flush with the organizer, you want it to be all the way down into the wood so that you can cover it up with wood filler.

Fill your hole with wood filler and sand it down using fine grit sandpaper

We finished the look off by painting the frame with white paint in Satin from Lowes.


You could put cork board, chalkboard, a mirror, peg board, knobs, dry erase, magnet board, etc….

You could also put wheels on the bottom.

You could leave it horizontal and make the top a lego board.

The options are endless.

I went the easy way and decided to go with cork board on the other side as well. Same steps apply for no matter what you chose to do.

I wanted to use knobs for extra storage, maybe for purses or camera bag. Because the screws weren’t long enough and I didn’t want to damage the wood, I used E6000 industrial strength glue to adhere the knobs to the sides. I measured and marked each spot so that they were even.


E6000 Glue

I wanted wheels on it so I purchased these swivel casters for the bottom so that I could easily move this around.

We measured and marked where to put the holes for the caster wheels and drilled them into place.


(8) 1/4 in. hex bolts-2 in. long
1/4 in. lock washers
1/4 – 20 x 5/16 T-nuts Brad Hole





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