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This costume was a huge hit for Halloween. If we had a penny for every person who commented or asked to take a picture, we’d have almost a dollar 😉

Jayli came up with the idea to be a cupcake in September and had it all planned out from watching YouTube videos. She knew what supplies she needed, the colors she wanted, and how she wanted to do it…this is basically her tutorial.

We got this laundry hamper from Dollar Tree. We cut a hole in the bottom of it, tied elastic around both sides, and then accordion folded poster paper + glued it to around the outside.

We cut felt “sprinkles” and glued them, along with pom pom’s, onto the shirt.

I found a party hat template online, printed it off on poster paper, and glued it onto a headband. We then covered the party hat with fluff, pom poms, and a keychain fluff ball for the “cherry” on top.

We just used hot glue to glue it on.

It was surprisingly comfortable for her to wear, but she was trailing behind with some fluff by the end of the night. We had a couple Halloween parties to attend, and I didn’t let her wear it to the parties because I knew it wouldn’t hold up too well. We were ok with that because she had only planned to wear it one night anyways. It was worth it, to us!

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