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By doing a quick google search of “dalmation spots” you’ll see they vary in so many different styles, dots, spacing, variation, and sizes. You can’t go wrong with whatever YOU like.

I prefer the variation of big and small imperfect “blobs”, spots, and “commas”. I did a test run on a paper plate to first see if the brushes and strokes I was making would actually look OK.

You really can’t go wrong with creating these because there is no right and wrong way of creating these.

I first started out by using a bigger paintbrush (the red handled paintbrush). I spaced the big spots out about every two inches wherever I saw fit. Then, I went in with the smaller tipped paintbrush and made spots and “commas” spaced out around the bigger spots.


I just used black acrylic paint. I love using acrylic paint because it’s inexpensive, I felt would be much faster than drawing these on with a marker, and acrylic paint dries so fast. IMG_3209

It didn’t take long to get the hang of it.

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