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Hey guys! I hope you like this video tutorial because it’s one of my personal favorite Dollar Tree DIY’s I have done yet! I love these faux agate stones I found at Dollar Tree. I bought 8 of them right away not knowing what I was going to make with them, then it hit me. I made an easy DIY coaster set and I hope this inspires you!

You will need:

8 Agate Lacquered Wall Hooks
11/16 Drill Bit
5/8 Dowel Rod
Felt Pads
Precision Screwdriver
5/8 Drill Bit
Mod Podge
Wood coaster (use a 50% coupon from Joann Fabrics or Michaels!)
Hot glue gun
Black acrylic paint



Remove all your screws from the wall hooks with a precision screwdriver

Drill a hole in between the two screw holes with your 11/16 drill bit straight down from the top of the coaster

Flip it over and sand the back of your coasters to get rid of the screw hole bumps on the back

Go over the hole you created with some mod podge to seal it

Touch up the back with some black acrylic paint

Apply your felt pads to the bottom of the coaster

Put your agate coaster on top of the wood coaster and mark where you want your hole to go

Take your 5/8 drill bit and drill straight down through the wood coaster 3/4 of the way

Cut your 5/8 dowel rod to 5″ tall

Put your 5/8 dowel rod through the wood coaster hole with some hot glue

Put felt pads on the bottom of your wood coaster

Apply polyurethane to your wood coaster and dowel rod for a protective finish


And you’re done! I had everything on hand except the dowel rod and the coaster so I was able to make this for just a couple dollars. I think these DIY Dollar Tree Agate coasters are GORGEOUS! We have already gotten several compliments on them. They definitely don’t look like they’re from Dollar Tree!

What do you guys think, will you be making this DIY?




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