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We first built the “hearth” which is the bottom piece that the fireplace is going to sit on. We made that out of cut plywood and 2×4’s. IMG_1989

I built the frame which is like the “skeleton” of the fireplace. I added another cut 2×4 on top, just like the other vertical ones {I don’t have a picture of that for some reason} IMG_1997

Next, I cut down masonite, which is “tempered hardboard” I got at Menards. I attached it to my frame with a nail gun using Brad nails. I know my measurements are a bit a lot off, but I came to a solution.


I added cut 2×12 to the side corners and where the wall meets the fireplace. I made a little box for the center out of plywood.

I still felt like it needed more, so I got some crown molding from Lowes and attached it to the top, under the mantle.

The mantle is just a piece of 2×12 4′ construction lumber I got for $7.17 at Menards. I just stained it and trimmed it down a little.
IMG_2057I put some stain on the plywood and used plain white paint on the rest. It took around 4 coats of paint! Masonite/tempered hardboard soaks the paint up a lot.


You can watch my YouTube video {where I explain everything much better} here


2×4 / Tempered Hardboard / Plywood / Crown Moulding / Stain / Latex Paint

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