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I’m in the process of creating an office space in my master bedroom…on a budget. If you’ve been following me for awhile you already know, but if you’re new here, remember this:  just because it’s on a budget doesn’t mean its not going to look nice. If you learn nothing else from me, just remember that. Using your creativity and implementing some DIY skills you can transform literally anything. And my goal is to, at the very least, inspire you.

If you’ve been living under a rock lately you probably haven’t heard or seen of this faux marble. It is adhesive film (kinda like a decal) that you just peel n’ stick onto the surface you want to decorate. Warning: it gets addicting. I ended up faux marbling tiles for coasters, my daughters vanity, and have some plans for other projects as well. It’s just an easy and cost efficient DIY!

wood from lows

DIY faux desk top

Because I said I was on a budget, I went to Lowe’s and grabbed this standard piece of project panel. It was under $20 for 70″ of wood. Perfect surface space for a desk top. Anyway, I just placed the faux marble on top and used a ruler to get all the bubbles out.

I can’t wait to show you guys the reveal of my office after it is all transformed. So for now here is my desk top


Grey Marble Adhesive

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