DIY Fold-Down Kitchen Table (Space Saver)

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DIY Wall Mounted Fold-Down Kitchen Table (Space Saver)

I love decorating. You get to come up with solutions for people (and yourself) to make the best use of your space. A kitchen table is so important to me because my daughter and I like to sit down and eat meals together. My kitchen is long and narrow. So I needed a table that was narrow enough it wouldn’t take up much room, but would still be big enough to eat at.


My grandma told me I could have this ⇑ table years ago, but I never took her up on it. She still had it down in her basement and wasn’t using it. When I was over there visiting, I asked her if she still had it- went down to take some quick measurements, and VOILA! It was the perfect size I needed for my little kitchen.

My uncle helped me by taking the legs off for me and his grand baby helping him out.


I took my table top home and I really don’t know where to begin. I knew I needed a hinge to attach to the wall, but how am I going to do this?! I need help. So,  I walk into the hardware store with just the table top board in my hands and ask the men working there if they can tell me what I need to build a fold down table. I explained what I wanted and they offered a couple solutions.  I got this drawing (although I didn’t do it exactly like this drawing) and all the supplies I needed.




 Table top / 2×12 / 1×4 / Piano Hinge / Screws / Drill / Stud Finder 


The first step was attaching the piano hinge to the bottom  of the table top. My grandparents helped me because I seemed to have lost my screw gun. Make sure before you put all the screws in that it is placed correctly! 

Find your studs and screw the 2×4 into the studs.



Line up the table with the 2×4. I had the 2×4 cut to the same length as my table.

table3 4

Before you put all the screws in, make sure you’re happy with how it’s lined up with your wood.

table4 1

My papa cut both sides of the wood at a 45 degree angle


table6 5

We lifted up the table and leveled it. Once it was level, we marked the underside of the table for the 2×4


Then you slide the wood under the table resting it onto the 2×4! It’s that easy.

(This was before I redid the table, but the only picture I could find that showed how I did this from this view)


I love how much space this table saves me! Now to redo those chairs…


Here is the YouTube video that better explains the process

I will be refurnishing those chairs. I’m so excited, it’s all coming together


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