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Hey guys! I can’t believe I actually went through with this DIY glitter backsplash! Ok, so we’ve been needing a backsplash for a long time and this was a very impromptu DIY. Shortly after I painted my kitchen cabinets I had some water-based polyurethane left over and some glitter left on the counter. I just wanted to experiment a little bit. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a DIY WIN or a DIY FAIL…

I looked up legit glitter backslashes and for around $6-7/sq ft. you could have a really nice backsplash!

glitter backsplash

Galaxy Granite Tile 

Or, you can just fake it and DIY them! 


It was really easy and I’m super happy with how it turned out! I made a YouTube tutorial for those of you who prefer to watch the process, rather than reading it.

I liked using the jumbo glitter for this, because I liked the look of it better.

diy glitter backsplash


After 2 coats…you can still see a bit of the wall behind the glitter. I think I should have painted the walls a gold color before applying the glitter, but it was too late to go back at this point. I just kept applying more coats of poly + glitter.glitter backsplash

Pictures really don’t do it justice. The glitter gives off such a beautiful shiny, and reflective cast, it really gives this kitchen the POP it needed.



NOT BAD for using scrap supplies I had laying around!! I didn’t spend any extra money on this brand new backsplash!

diy glitter backsplash

I even think it would even be cool to use rhinestones! What do you guys think, is it a win or a fail? Is this something you would do?



To see the updated backsplash, click here!

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