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Hey guys! Today we’re going back to the basics. I’ve made DIY glitter tables in the past using epoxy, but today we’re trying a new method using polyurethane, loose glitter, and paint. This method worked out amazing and I was so excited and happy with the results! I hope that you enjoy it, too!

The first thing you want to do is clean your surface. I used Mrs Meyers muti-surface cleaner. You can sign up here and receive free 5 Mrs Meyers products through Grove Collaborative.

The next step is paint your furniture. I painted mine black, but you can paint yours whatever color you want.

After you have a good base, start painting your last coat -working in sections- start to sprinkle your glitter on top of your wet paint. Sticking the glitter onto the wet paint ensures that it’s not going to move around when we put the protective finish on top of it.

Note-I didn’t mix the glitter with the paint because I didn’t want to paint my glitter black. I also chose not to mix it with the polyurethane because the poly likes to stick and clump up to the glitter- making for an uneven finish. 

I used jumbo gold glitter mixed with fine gold glitter and an iridescent glitter. You can use any color of glitter you want. As long as you like it that’s all that matters! I like to keep my glitter in these spice jars to keep them organized in my office.

Once you have your glitter laid out how you want it, wait for it to dry completely.

You can use a bristle or a foam brush to apply your polyurethane. I prefer using foam brushes because they are inexpensive and I get a new one with every coat of poly. Allow your poly to dry completely in between coats. I like to use a lot of poly to ensure a nice glossy finish and I put it on pretty thick.

If there’s any areas that need more glitter feel free to put glitter on as needed while you’re putting on the poly.

Work in a well-ventilated area – open your windows, use a fan, dust mask, or do this project outside.

Now to figure out what to do with the legs…but anyways, I love this new table. I keep it in my home office and it’s perfect for project reveals and photography. Will you be trying out this DIY?


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