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 Loose GlitterEpoxy ResinFoam Brush


Read your epoxy directions carefully and follow the directions.

With this epoxy, I had to mix part A with Part B together, then transfer it into another container + mix for addition 6 minutes.

During the last step of mixing the epoxy together, I poured in the loose glitter. Making sure to stir it well.

When I poured the epoxy/glitter mixture onto the table, I was surprised at how sticky and resistant it was. You will need to double up the amount of epoxy you’ll need because it won’t cover what it claims when you add in the glitter.

The glitter makes epoxy harder to work with. I would recommend practicing on a smaller piece of furniture to get the hang of it. Or at least have someone there to help you!

This dries FAST especially with the glitter mixed!! It’s important to work fast and have an extra set of hands to help you spread it on.

I spread it out using a foam brush. I didn’t have a lip on this table, so I spread it all the way to the edge and spread a thin coat of epoxy over the side edges.

If you want your table to be SUPER glittery (where you can’t see the table underneath), use more epoxy/glitter and do NOT spread it; just let it run over/to the edges. You may need to build a lip, or a border, like I had to do for my DIY Guitar Pick table

After quickly apply the epoxy/glitter mix, use a torch to get out all the bubbles!

Let it cure for at least 72 hours.



I love the way this table turned out! It’s so beautiful and I get so any compliments on it all the time. I think it would be really neat to paint the surface a bright color and then add the glitter!








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