DIY Holographic Wallpaper!?

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When I re-did my linen closet, I was looking for glittery wallpaper (I ended up using mod podge and glitter) but I came across this holographic paper and I knew I needed to find a use for it. I didn’t know how…or where…but, it had to happen. Now that my bathroom is all done, I can focus on my office.

I got this storage cabinet at Walmart and it holds all my supplies for upcoming projects. It’s just boring and white. I removed the back panels with a hammer and a flathead screwdriver.

 I laid this magical paper down onto the back panel to see what it would look like on white.

Then I laid it down on top of black

and I fell in love. What is this magical paper you may be thinking…

It’s cellophane wrap! WHAT! Laci, what are you thinking…

I painted the backing black..

and tested my method out on some scrap paper first. I really wasn’t sure if this was going to work. Would it rip? Would it hold up? Will the mod podge show thru? There were so many questions…even I didn’t know if it was going to work.

I just used mod podge, scissors, and cellophane wrap

Cellophane is really staticky so I was able to get it to stick onto the panel pretty easily. Then I just used mod podge on the edges, turned it around and taped the back. It didn’t matter to me since this was going up against the wall and nobody would see the back.

I started to get worried the mod podge would ruin the effect, but then I remembered that mod podge dries clear.

Here’s what the cellophane looks like on black

Here’s what it looks like on my tan walls

Here it is (with the same cellophane) side-by-side for comparison

IMPORTANT: If you paint black over white prior to putting cellophane down, make sure to cover every inch or else it will show thru pink in some spots through the green.

Then I put the backing back onto the cabinet with the nails it came with

and ta-da…really though, pictures don’t even do it justice.

This would look so cool on a wall, or a ceiling, or inside kitchen cabinets….oh, the possibilities

It’s reflective and ombré-ish and so magical

Cellophane is so inexpensive and not hard to work with (like I thought it would be).



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