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As you all know I have moved so I have a new office space. I’m trying to get it organized so I made this DIY milk crate filing system organizer/storage cube today using milk crates and zip ties. I needed something for all my file folders that would fit in my closet. If you’re on a really tight budget, these milk crates hold the $1 jumbo bins from Dollar Tree.

You will need:

Milk crates
Heavy duty Zip Ties (preferable black to match your milk crates)
Bins / Hanging Filing Folders


Place your milk crates together and zip tie them together (zip tie them however wide you need, I only made two)

Cut off the excess zip tie and spin it around so the zip tie isn’t facing the inside (open part) where the bin will go

Now that the bottom part is made, flip it up and stack the milk crates on top facing up so you can put your filing folders on top.

Place your filing folders inside of the milk crates and slide the bins in


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