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You can get your Refrigerator – Graphite Stainless Steel here 


WOW! What a transformation this DIY Faux Stainless Steel has been. When I shared the DIY Peel N Stick Backsplash video, someone asked me to try out the DIY Peel N Stick Stainless Steel for appliances! I contacted EZ Faux Decor and they kindly sent me enough to test it out and share my results with you guys. This video (and blog post) is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

I cannot believe how easy it was and how nice it looks. I had procrastinated this project for weeks because I was so scared that I was going to mess it up. It went on surprisingly well, but I do have a few tips for you so make sure to read the whole post.



I covered the entire stove, but you can easily cut out the window part on your stove. I honestly didn’t want to see inside of my oven because 1) I never looked into it anyways (but when I’m cooking I just open it up, obviously) and 2) I didn’t want anyone else to see inside of my oven (ya feel me) so I really didn’t see a need to cut a window out of it.

Covering my stove was a little more tricky than the refrigerator. The reason why it was more difficult is because the refrigerator has a texture to it. The texture makes the stainless steel sheet easier to lift up and move around.

The oven has no texture at all. In order to get the DIY faux stainless steel onto the stove effortlessly and easily, you need to spray the appliance down with water. Spraying it with water will make your faux stainless steel sheet easier to maneuver. You will be able to lift it up, around and side-to-side easily. Don’t be afraid to use “too much” water. You can squeegee it out once you have your sheet in place. If you don’t use water (or use enough water) and you place it onto a smooth surface you will quickly realize how difficult it is to move if you don’t get it on exact the first time.





The dishwasher wasn’t as tricky because I made sure to use a lot of water prior to install. Make sure you use a lot of water on smooth surfaces; this will ensure an easy application. I also used this DIY faux stainless steel in my rental apartment because I loved it so much! I removed it prior to moving out. It was easy to remove with the heat of a blow dryer and there was no sticky residue left behind.

You can get your Dishwasher Panel – Graphite Stainless Steel here 

EZ Faux Decor have adhesives for countertops, appliances, etc…Mirror reflective film, stainless, granite, etc…

Check out their shop by clicking here

I was sooooo skeptical of this product. I am really impressed to say the least. The product is very well made and carries a 5 year warranty. This vinyl isn’t like anything I have ever tried out. It is very good quality and very thick. It is stain resistant (thank goodness), smudge proof, fade resistant, tear resistant (up to 330 lbs per yard), weather resistant, and removable.

You heard that right, renters! This one is for you!

You can remove this after your lease is up and there won’t be any gunky residue leftover. Don’t believe me? Check out this post here 


Use ammonia-free window cleaner to clean the appliance before application and allow it to dry completely.  Make sure you get rid of any grease, crumbs, etc…I used this ammonia-free multi-surface cleaner. You can sign up for Grove Collaborative and get a 5-piece Mrs Meyers cleaning set for free, here.

Make sure to leave at least 2 inches on each side / top and bottom so that you can wrap it around your appliance. Measure 2 -3 times, cut once.

Apply heat with a blow dryer to make it more pliable, use heat sparingly because it tends to shrink into place.

Use a spray bottle on non-textured surfaces to make it easier to work with

What do you guys think, will you be testing this one yours?







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