DIY Stickers! How to Make Your Own Stickers

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I’m going to show you how I made my YouTube Sticker Sheets. You can make your own stickers easily and totally customizable in just a couple easy steps.

You will need to go to Picmonkey or Photoshop to design your stickers. I used a circle template I found online, but this is optional. I opened a blank 8×11 template and uploaded the template in overlays. Then, I created circles on top of each circle in the color I wanted. Then, I added another overlay of images I wanted for each sticker. You can also add any text of your choice on your stickers. Once it was designed how I liked, I printed it off onto sticker project paper. I used a 3/4 sticker punch to cut each sticker out. That’s it, guys! It’s that easy. If I knew it was this easy, I would have started making my own stickers a long time ago 😉  The cool thing about these DIY Stickers is you can make them whatever size and shape you want.

Watch my video to learn more.

 3/4 Circle punch  |  Sticker project paper |  an inkjet printer |   scissors |  circle template 



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