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We are heading to South Carolina for the week and it was the perfect time to receive the October PINCHME box because there were lots of goodies in there. I wanted to take this opportunity to share some healthy road trip snacks on the go!

The pinch me box came with all of these items. I really try to steer away from a bunch of processed foods that contain preservatives and additives because they make me feel sick. I am the same with my skin care. I try to only use natural products that are cruelty free and vegan. These little samples are great for gifts, road trips, or to keep in your car as back up. I was really excited about the Shea Moisture lotion because it’s one of my favorite cruelty free + vegan skin care. (The bar soaps are AMAZING).

I purchased all of these from Fresh Thyme grocery store. I LOVE snacking on mini sweet bell peppers and apples. CLIF bars are always a good idea. It’s important for me to stay extra hydrated because of my health condition. Coconut water has a lot of electrolytes with no sugar and it make me feel amazing!

Have you tried these? I wanted to get the coconut flavored cookies, but Jay really wanted these. I was surprised how good they taste, very sweet and savory.

I let Jay pick out a couple items she wanted to bring with us so she picked out the chocolate animal crackers and strawberry gummy snacks.

Sign up for Pinch me- http://offers.pinchme.com/SHfu


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