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YOU GUYS! I have wanted a Chihuahua foreverrrr.  I had begged Scott to let me get one for years and he was always against it because he didn’t know how Lucy would act towards another dog. We also didn’t know how she was going to act with Jayli and vise-versa.

We talked about it for quite awhile before he “allowed” me to get one. I love Chihuahuas so much.  I decided to become a foster for Indianapolis Chihuaha Rescue and she was the first one I ever fostered. Obviously it was what we call a “foster fail” because I ended up adopting her into her forever home.

Keke was owner-surrendered and dropped off at the vet. I met Martha (the CEO of Indy Chihuaha Rescue) at the vet along with Lucy, to pick Keke up. I thought she might bite me after the veterinarian receptionist urged Martha to get her out of the cage. She was afraid of getting her more nerved up and was already growling at her. Martha put her in a towel and gently handed her off to. To be honest, I was a little scared she might bite me. I didn’t know much about this dog all I know is that I was bit by a Chihuahua when I was a lot younger and it hurt really bad. I just prayed she wouldn’t hate me. She was shaking like a leaf, unsure of what was happening or where she was going. We drove home with her wrapped in the towel, on my lap, while I pet her and her shaken self was starting to calm down.

Jayli was ecstatic to see we had gotten a dog when she got home from school. She knew I was going to pick her up, but did’t know when or what she looked like. Keke let her hold her and pet her without any issues.

Obviously Lucy and keke love each other. It was almost an instant bond. They travel in a pack and I can say that Keke is the leader about 90% of the time. They are two peas in a pod.

After I brought her home, she needed to be vetted. She had to get micro-chipped, fixed, and unfortunately she had 7 rotted teeth they had to pull. She was a trooper throughout the process and received lots of cuddles and love. Did I mention she is eight years old? She will be nine in August.

This is her being overly dramatic about a bath. She thought she was dying.

As loud as she is at home, I’m surprised I can take her anywhere. She is actually very quiet when we’re out in public and never barks at anyone. I usually put her in my sweatshirt of a dog sling and she just hangs out. She’s been almost everywhere with me. This is her and Jayli at the pumpkin patch.

They are always cuddling together!

Oh, Keke. Welcome to the family. You’re so very loved.

We had to initial her into the family with a DIY 🙂

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