I Turned a Dresser into 2 Nightstands

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dresser into nightstands

This was JJ’s chest of drawers before I did anything to it.

I didn’t want to buy 2 nightstands and move her chest of drawers because her room just isn’t big enough. I didn’t want to sell her dresser either because my grandparents bought this for her a couple years ago and I still saw potential in it. I also wanted to give her something functional without losing the drawer space for her clothes. She always pulled up a desk chair to put her belongings on before she went to bed (her iPad, glass of water, books, etc…) so I know she needed a nightstand. Could I cut this dresser in half and make 2 separate nightstands out of it? If I do this, it’s gotta be functional and it’s gotta be aesthetically pleasing.

Scott thought I was crazy. “Why do you want to cut this dresser in half and make two nightstands? What’s the purpose? I don’t think that’s a good idea. What if you ruin it?”

Scott. Just believe in my vision, I kept trying to reassure him it’ll work. Aaaaand, because I’m always a little hesitant, I said, “if it doesn’t work, we’ll just have to get some inexpensive used nightstands and I’ll refurbish them”. Inside I’m just like “please help me do this, cuz I know it’ll work!!” He hesitantly agreed but at this point he’s learning to let me do my own thing and have faith in my visions – no matter how crazy they seem.

At this point I set the camera on the tripod and recorded as we went along. I’m horrible at progress photos because I get so involved in a project and forget to take them.

dresser into nightstands

This is what they looked like after they were built.


+ this is what they looked like after I mirrored them out. And once again, my photoshopping skills kill me.

You can watch the video on how we made this dresser into two nightstands here ↓

if you already have your nightstands and you want to make your own DIY Mirrored Nighstands, I’m going to show you how I did that as well.

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