Jayli’s 7th Birthday Party

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Jayli’s Birthday party turned out really good. The girls all had a good time. The theme was MY Little Pony. Jayli wanted to have it at our house this year so that the girls could have more time to play. We had the slip n’ slide out along with the pool and toys. We also had a piñata and a ball toss where the winner won $20 (like the old school ball toss into the buckets on Bozo). Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures so I’ll share the ones I took.

This was the only picture I got of the tables. I filled a glass centerpiece with My Little Ponies and separately bagged each pony so that each girl could pick one to take home…hence the “Pick a Pony” sign.

This was the refreshment table. We had cupcakes, cake, cheese and crackers platter, and fruit with yogurt.

Scott’s made made the cake and cupcakes and she did an amazing job (as usual).

We had to have the party stuff inside the garage because it was raining and sprinkling most of the day.

Jayli got to have 2 friends stay the night so they made a fort out of blankets and chairs. I remember doing this when I was their age. It’s so fun to watch them make memories.

We always get her a cupcake and sing to her on her actual birthday. Then we have her party, cake and sing to her on at her birthday party. It’s a tradition that we have started a couple years ago so that she gets recognized her on actual birthday as well.

Next year I will plan ahead of time and make sure to get more pictures before the party starts 😉 All in all it was a great time and the girls at had fun.

Birthday Games

Piñata / Ball Toss / Pool / Slip N Slide


Cheese and Crackers / Cupcakes / Cake / Fruit and Yogurt / Juice / Water

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