Jayli’s 8th Birthday Party

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Hey Everyone! I hope you’re all having an amazing day! It’s taken me about a month to post all these videos and pictures from Jayli’s 8th Birthday party because I have had so many other projects I wanted to share. I just decided to share all the pictures and include some DIY’s into this post. Her party had a good turnout despite about 4 people not being able to make it. I think next year I am going to put the money I spent on decorations, presents, and party favors and all the other party stuff into a memorable vacation instead. It’s about making memories- regardless. I’m curious, what do you do for your children’s birthday?


If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know our party theme was a “Glamping” party. You can read about the party prepping here. We made this “CAMP JAYLI” sign out of scrap wood and just screwed them together. We then used a wood burning kit and 3″ stencils for the lettering.


We made this DIY photo booth out of scrap plywood and 2×4’s. Then we decorated it with a banner and put vinyl stickers on it. The girls loved the emoji photo booth props . They also have glamping photo booth props!


Every year no matter what, Jayli always requests a piñata. The girls really loved it. We filled it out with a bag of mixed candy which included smarties, jolly ranchers, bubble gum, etc…This one was hard to burst! It took about 5 rounds from each girl to burst (which added to the anticipation)

Her party was from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM and we were doing dinner and s’mores. We had a mini smore’s bar (with Hersheys + Reeses) and served veggie hot dogs, regular hot dogs, water, juice, and lots of mini snacks.

We took two outdoor tables and folded the legs up. Then, propped the tables up with cement blocks so that it was a table on the ground. We got 4 yard sticks and stuck them into the ground on each corner to hang decor off of them. We used seat cushions and pillows for them to sit on.

We set tents up and decorated the inside with paper fans, lights, and mini table and cushions as well. We had playing cards and games board in them, but the girls preferred to play with water guns and balloons.


Jayli set the table and and wrote what she wanted each snack to be labeled….

We used a plastic fish bowl for goldfish crackers and a little net which we also did for her Mermaid party.

We also have “live bait” gummy worms (she insisted on the umbrellas to make it more “fancy”)

Pretzel sticks aka “twigs” and the blueberries were labelled “beary fairy fruit”

We also had malt balls she titled as “bear poop” LoL!


We decorated the side of the garage with some balloons and a party favor table. I didn’t have enough time to wood burn another mini sign for the bear, so I just wrote “Please do NOT feed the bears!” onto a mini wood sign I made out of two pieces of scrap wood screwed together. I think it turned out super cute!

Here is the table that has the favor bags and take home s’mores bags. If you want to see the post I made about the favor bags, click here.



We hung some paper fans from the string lights

HUGE thank you to Scotts mom for making her cake. She’s made Jayli’s cake every year for the past three years and she is so talented! Jayli told her she wanted a Camp Emoji themed cake and that’s what she got. Thanks, Jackie! It was a great day filled with lots of water games, fun, and friends!

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