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I guess it has become a tradition of mine to share Jaylis birthday here on the blog! This year for Jaylis birthday we went really low-key. We had a really fun week prior to her party with a camping trip up to Monicello/Lake Shafer, Indiana where we camped and visited Indiana Beach. We celebrated her birthday day and when we got back the last thing we wanted to do was have a house full of kids while we were still unpacking and had so many projects around the house that were unfinished (we were still in the process of the Airstone project as well). So I was able to convince her to do a luau party because Dollar Tree always has the cutest (and cheapest) Birthday supplies.  She was actually against the idea at first (because she initally wanted a unicorn party) until she seen all the flamingo decor-then she was really excited about it.

We got most of the decor at Dollar Tree and hung them up around the house. I took some of my stock decor from my office and stuck some flamingos in them. The TV above the fireplace wasn’t mounted yet, because we were still in the process of working on the Airstone project, so I hung a picture above to (kinda?) hide the tv mount.

It’s always a tradition to give her a cupcake and sing her Happy Birthday on her actual Birthday, on the exact time she was born, so here’s the photo from that night.

My mom and grandparents came all the way down to celebrate her birthday with us. It was the first time they had ever been here, so they got to tour Brandon’s house and see the garden and all the projects we had been working on. I’m trying to convince my grandparents to come back down to help us harvest and can, but it’s going to take a lot of convincing because they don’t like driving far distances, especially in big cities. (They live 2.5 hours north of us).

We sang her Happy Birthday and Jayli got to blow out her candles. They picked her up an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  The cake was so good and apparently Jayli thought so too because she had sneaked and eaten half the cake the day after her party. That’s when we realized why she had a tummy ache. Does anyone else have problems with your child sneaking junk food? My grandparents were so in love with Shiloh (#smileyshiloh) . They couldn’t get over how big and fluffy he was. Sometimes I forget how big he is until I see other people react to him. A little backstory- My grandparents had two cats, one that passed away a couple years ago. My mom had been trying to convince me to get them a chihuahua because there other cat is getting old and she’s worried how they will deal when that cat is gone. I’m a foster volunteer for Indianapolis Chihuahua Rescue, so it wouldn’t have been difficult to get them one. I was hesitant and decided not to because it was going to a surprise and 1) what if they didn’t want one 2) were mad that I got the one 3) decided they didn’t want one 4) what if the dog didn’t have a bond with them. It was too many cons opposed to the pros so I decided against it. But when they seen Shiloh, they told me that their dream dog is a husky. My grandma also said she planned on getting one whenever something happens to their cat. I would have never thought they would want a husky, so that was interesting to learn (and I was so glad I didn’t go against my better judgement and get them a chihuahua!)

After cake they had a surprise waiting out in their trunk for Jayli. She had been wanted a big trampoline for such a long time, but we had never had the land for it, so she was finally able to get a trampoline and she was really excited about it. I don’t think she realized how big it was going to be because once she seen it all put together she got even more excited!!

We showed my grandparents around the land, they met our chickens, and seen the garden. Then we all came back inside to do some pictures and visit before they made their trip back home. It was a great day and I know it made Jayli feel really special that they drove all the way down here to celebrate her day with her.

Picture left to right; Great grandpa, Jayli, Nanny, and Grandma Jane.

My grandparents are the sweetest

Four Generations. Pictured left to right-My grandma, her daughter (my mom), me, and my daughter Jayli

  • Jayli picked out my outfit for the day and she wanted a romper to match me! It meant a lot to me because she never wants to dress or be like me LOL!

It was a really great, low-key birthday party and we all had a great time. I think next year we will have two separate parties so she can invite some friends. But, it’s always up in the air.

I’m curious, how do you celebrate your kids birthdays? Do you go on vacation, have it at home, or rent out a venue? I think we’ve done all of the above. Not sure which I prefer the best though because they are all special and unique in their own ways.



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