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Hey guys! Today I am showing you how I redecorated my daughters bedroom on a small budget. There are a lot of easy DIY decorating ideas in this video, as well as some thrift store makeovers, and repurposing things I already had. I hope this inspires you to create something today!


Her room was painted with a really dark purple and she doesn’t get much natural light in her room so it was kinda depressing. We hadn’t put anything up on the walls yet because we had just moved in and I didn’t want to put holes in the wall when we didn’t know what we were going to do just yet.

We ended up painting her walls a light gray and it really helped to lighten up the room. We painted the accent wall a seafoam green that she picked out and incorporated more accent colors through her picture frames and accessories.

We spray painted thrifted picture frames for a collage wall and incorporated some Dollar Tree/Five Below accessories. Never underestimate the power of paint! Painting is such an expensive way to give life to new items. I found her headboard off Craigslist for $15 and painted it white.

I found the artwork above her headboard at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon. The deer head was also something I previously had in my apartment that I painted and moved into her room.

We picked up the desk from Goodwill for $10. I transferred the ghost chair from my office into her room and placed a faux fur sheepskin cover over the chair. The white storage ottoman is from Target (I couldn’t find the link because it’s old). It used to be in the living room in our apartment, but I brought it into her room so she could store all her extra blankies in it.

I made these rag curtains out of scrap fabric, picked up these decorative shelves (set of 3 for $5) at Five Below. All the accessories on the shelves were also from Five Below. She has SO many stuffed animals and beanie boos so we got this storage ottoman and a net to store all her things in.

The storage ottoman also doubles as a bench so it’s perfect when she has friends over and they want to pull it up to play video games together. Brandon won that massive teddy bear for her during a school drawing during a dance, so that’s where he sits.

The comforter set and sheets are from Amazon. We draped a DIY pendant light over her bed because she really doesn’t get much lighting in her room.  We found the cat unicorn at Five Below. Jayli is obsessed with stuffed animals! Five Below has some really cute, affordable, trendy decor out right now and I am in love with it!

Here’s another before pic of her window…

We replaced the shades with these roman shades and curtains on both of her windows. I couldn’t find a picture of it, so here’s what it looks like. This was before we left for a weekend getaway!

A lot of the things in her room were things we had in our apartment. Since moving in with Brandon we were able to reuse the things and incorporate them into her room.

I hope this has inspired you and maybe given you some ideas on how to make your space work for you, on a budget. If you have any before/afters, don’t be shy! We would love to see them so please feel free to share them!

Here are some links to a couple DIY’s in her room that I have mentioned in the video:
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