JJ’s Updated Playroom Reveal

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! Today I’m going to be sharing Jaylis updated playroom. It’s much more light and airy. It feels relaxing, yet there’s still plenty of things to keep her busy. And it looks so much better than before. IMG_4050

As mentioned before, this playroom update was done on a very small budget + LOTS of DIY’S!  I need to work with the settings on my camera because these pictures really don’t do it justice.

We added ceiling to floor curtains from TJMaxx – $20

We brought the bean bag into her playroom for a comfy seating area: FREE!

I got the white little table at Target. $34.99

It stores her extra blankets inside + her DIY Lamp Caddy for her iPad + remotes on top. $


We kept the activity wall and just painted the middle section the same color as the room: FREE

DIY Activity Wall



I bought a storage cube from Target along with 11″ storage bins

Storage Cube: $39.99

Storage Bins: $4.99 x 8= $39.92

This was a bit of a splurge because I wasn’t expecting paying that much for each bin, but it was worth it. They store almost all of her little toys and they’re actually organized. I love that they’re within reach, but also out of sight!


Pink Chandelier: $10.00

This chandelier wasn’t meant to be hung from the ceiling onto the light, but we made it because I loved it (and I especially loved the price)!

We hung it up by using a nipple, coupling, and a 2″ washer. All found at the hardware store. $4.99


Gallon of paint-$28



I wanted a statement piece on that wall + came up with a brilliant *practically free* idea! I asked Jayli what she wanted the wall to say and she gave me some great input!

This project was practically free because I had everything on hand.

DIY Wall Stenciling



We took out the existing “store” we had inside of her closet and put the closet doors up. Because the room is so small, we added mirrors to the builder grade door. This really helped to open up the space more and reflect more light.

Total Cost: $13

DIY Mirrored Doors


I tore out the DIY Storage Bench / Reading Nook + gave her a lot more floor space for her new dollhouse.

Total Cost: Free


I made a little caddy to store all her remotes + iPad.

Total Cost: $14.90

DIY Lamp Caddy 


There are a couple more things I still need to get, such as an area rug. I found the perfect one on Amazon.


I don’t ever seeing us part with that activity wall. We love it so much.

Updated Playroom

I’m not extremely happy with how this wall turned out, but I absolutely love the photos. I think I need to get different frames or maybe even floating shelves. I haven’t given it much thought; just wanted the photos up on that wall. I found the shadowbox at Marshalls for $12!

The closet isn’t all the way finished, either. I am going to get more storage cube organizers along with more bins and stack them side-by-side. I’ll make sure to post about it when it’s finished!

All in all, we’re all happy with how it’s coming together and I wanted to share it with you guys because it’s 90% finished.

The total cost of the room redo was around $200 just proving that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to re-decorate and update your current space!


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