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Hey guys! Today we’re organizing Jayli’s closet on a very small budget using extra shelving, organizational bins, and some other inexpensive items to organize children toys and clothes for kids closet organization. I also have the BEST weekly outfit prepping tool to help you take outfit planning to the next level, stress-free.

First, we had to clean out the closet. We wiped down the shelves, swept, mopped, and cleaned down the walls.

Brandon added extra shelving for her toy bins.

I hung up a Jewelry Hanger so I put all her jewelry inside of her closet where she could reach it.

I also hung up this belt organizer for all of her belts.

On Sunday nights, before the week starts, Jayli and I plan out all of her outfits for the week based on the weather. We hang them up on this Clothing Hanger Organizer and it has honestly been one of the best things I have ever purchased. There’s no arguing during the busy mornings because she doesn’t have anything to wear or doesn’t like whatever I picked out.

What are some of your favorite closet organizational hacks and/or products?

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