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Today we are organizing the linen cabinet, oh man, it NEEDED it! Our linen cabinet had become a catch all for blankets, bins, and everything else. I re-organized it using DIY and inexpensive items from the Dollar Tree. It looks so much better and it’s so refreshing to open it without all of our stuff falling out.

The first thing I did was clean it all out. That’s right. I took everything out of it. I needed to know what all we actually had, sort through what we actually needed and made a donate pile.

Then I swept it all out and cleaned the shelves.

I decided to make a divider for the back of the pantry. This pantry leads right into my office closet so I wanted to divide the two spaces. I just added a sheet of plywood to the back of it and painted it.

This pantry was so dark that you really couldn’t see what was in there so I got these rechargeable motion activated lights. I also have these lights in my kitchen pantry. I liked them so much that I decided to order another set. I love these lights so much because they are rechargeable, you can turn the setting “on” “off” or “motion activated”. You just stick them onto your shelf and they twist off easily to charge them when needed. I just keep them on the motion activated setting because we don’t go in the pantry too often.

I had a couple of these dollar tree baskets and I wrapped them with some rope, put a pillow case that we no longer needed on the top, and stuck a chalkboard label on them. I put all of our sheets in the there to keep them organized.

I got a couple wire bins from Five Below for $5 each and I used them for hand towels and washcloths.

I folded our towels up and stuck them front and center on the other shelf.

I found a pretty big basket from Dollar General for $8 and stuck all our extra toilet paper in the basket and used that shelf for paper towels as well.

I stuck an old laundry hamper in the bottom of the pantry for extra blankets. I also moved some of our blankets and comforters into our cabinetry in the living room and stored a couple on my DIY blanket ladder.

It is so nice to walk into this linen cabinet now that it’s all organized. I hope this inspires you to tackle your linen cabinet! If you have any before/afters, don’t be shy, share them with us in the comments!




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