$200 Living Room Makeover

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$172 room makeover





This room makeover was SO much fun. I know this isn’t everyone style, but that’s what I specialize in. I love using different textiles, pops of color, and mixing different styles. LJDECOR is about expressing yourself beyond the norm and empowering you to do the same. We made do with the items we had, and incorporated them into the new design.

We spend a total of $172.49

I’ll break down the cost for you-

Paint and Supplies– $24.57 (I am affiliated with Benjamin Moore so we got a discount)

Decorative Pillows-$76.87 (Target had the multi-colored ones on clearance for $8/each, only 2 left at the store) We picked them up as fast as we could! It had the maroon from the curtains, and the color scheme to go with the artwork we were going to put above the couch.

Lamp- $30.00 (Thrift Store GOLDEN find. We took their display)

Picture Frames-$16.05 (Dollar Tree has them for $1. We got the black 8×10 and spray painted them white.) We printed art we found off Pinterest with Kodak printer paper.

Zebra Rug- $25 (Craiglist find. The lady also gave us a matching pillow we put in another room…stay tuned 😉

Endtable & Ottoman- FREE (The table the lamp is sitting on we got out of the dumpster. The ottoman was also on the side of the dumpster. Yes. No shame. We cleaned them up real good and gave them a new home)

Decorative accessories- $4.28 (Thrift store & we used things we already had lying around.)

We didn’t have much $$(or get lucky enough to find nice thrift store items) to spend on different furniture so we made do with what we had. I think it turned out better than we imagined! <3


Zebra Rug / Gallery Picture Frames



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