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Hey guys! It’s finally here! I know, I know…I have procrastinated this post for months and months. Because decorating is never really “done”. The last time you seen this living room was for the Airstone Brick tutorial. I have done a lot since then. But, there are still a lot of things I would like to do. I decided to share with you what it looks like right now or this post will never happen. I do live with Scott and this is his house, so keep that in mind.

Here is what the house looked like before we moved in, just for referencing so you can see the set-up and official “before” photos. The white closed door is where the bathroom is. The door leading into the other room was our bedroom. Notice there is a door to the left of that door, that’s the door to the front porch.

So now that you have more of an idea of what it looked like before, here is what it looks like right now. I painted the walls and of course added the Airstone and the fireplace to the accent wall. The accent wall had to be on this wall because there are doors/windows on all of the other walls. I wanted the fireplace to be under the tv because I needed something to balance out the weight of the flatscreen tv above it. The fireplace is electric. We just use the flames without the heat because we really don’t need the extra heat. However, there is an option to emit heat if needed.

I found this coffee table on Amazon. I had plans on replacing the MDF wood with maple and staining it. The coffee table does have a solid metal frame and it was a killer deal. I placed a mirrored tray on it with candles, a flower vase, and crystals. I love how the mirrored tray reflects the light from the candles.

I got this zebra print rug for a killer deal. It’s great quality and is a perfect eclectic neutral piece for the space. This space tends to get a lot of traffic, but this rug has held up amazingly, it’s easy to vacuum, and hides stains well. It doesn’t have the bright white that traditional zebra print has; it’s more of a beige/ivory which helps to make it look more neutral and cozy.

I got these ottomans and they are the perfect height to slide under the coffee table perfectly when they’re not in use. Jayli likes to pull up an ottoman to the coffee table and draw/do her homework and it’s perfect for game nights. We also like to pull the ottomans up and use them as a footrest.

My original plan was to have a custom cabinet built on both sides of the brick, but opted to add floating shelves, $5 mirrors, and my DIY pendant lights instead. I made these pendant lights from embroidery hoops. You can view the tutorial here. 

I’ll have to take better pictures using natural day light. These were taken at night. Behind the couch I added my DIY picture shelf ledge. I made the shelf almost as wide as the width of the sofa. You can make yours any measurement you’d like to accommodate your space. The shelf costs less than $10 to make.

I absolutely love this electric fireplace! We never use the heat setting on it, we just love the ambience it creates. It creates such a warm and cozy environment.

Well, that’s were it’s at now. I like to think we have made a lot of improvements since we first moved in. I hope that you enjoyed seeing my living room and hopefully this gave you some inspiration to DIY your space within your budget!



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