My Sleeve is Finished!

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So, let’s get the fun started…..


8 hours in and I needed some distraction because this spot right here on the shoulder was seriously the worse pain of the entire sleeve. We had been working on this sleeve most of the day, you probably can’t tell by the photo (or maybe you can?) my arm is so swollen.


finding my happy place …


Teresa Sharpe | Winner of Best Ink 2


Ohh yeah, all that pain was so worth it …

Photo on 11-8-14 at 11.55 PM #2

Tattoo Parlor:  Studio 13   |   Fort Wayne, IN

Artist:  Shaun Kidd


This tattoo took a total of 21-23 hours, and it was broken up into 2 long sessions. The first session was done with the outline and bottom portion (elbow and under) shaded in, the second session was shading the top portion (elbow and above). Shaun free-handed this onto me with a marker and from there, he made miracles happen….but let’s be honest, is a tattoo really ever “done”?

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