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Washable? How do you wash them?

I clean mine with a wet cloth and a mild soap

Are they peeling? How are they holding up?

In some spots where the caulking wasn’t removed the tiles started lifting. I fixed this problem with E6000 glue. Make sure to remove the caulking from the top of the counters and you won’t have this problem.

Apartment friendly?

They are super sticky they may remove the paint along wight the first layer of your wall.  As some others have mentioned, you could put them on a protective layer first (such as wallpaper) and then apply them to the wall with a gentle glue that won’t hurt your walls.
Also, consider asking your landlord, they may not be opposed to you fixing up the apartment (and they might even knock it off your rent 😉
Depending on the amount of time, effort, and money you want to put into your apartment, you could remove them and paint/fix the patches before you move.

Can you put them on top of tile?


How many sheets did you order?

$200 worth of tile = About 8 boxes of 10×10″ set of 6 per box so about 8 boxes +free shipping

Does the heat from the stove affect them?

I haven’t had an issue with this. My walls don’t get hot while I’m cooking.

How are they holding up?

There have been a couple areas where they have began to lift. I used some E6000 on them and haven’t had any other issues with them peeling up.



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