How to: Pop Art in PicMonkey

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I made this dog pillow using a picture of my rescue, Keke. I turned her photo into pop art and then put it onto a pillow! You can frame your photos, create a collage, put them on fabric, blow them up and put it on a canvas or a poster. The options are endless! I love how it’s so easy, but still personalized and custom.


This is a 2 part process, but it’s still pretty easy.

Part 1-

  1. Open your picture in
  2. Make the background white (effects-artsy-draw)
  3. Apply the Daguerreotype filter
  4. Apply the sketch effect (under themes-comic heroes)
  5. Save your image as a PNG

Part 2-

  1. Open a new blank canvas
  2. Open the image in Overlays
  3. Set the overlay blend mode to “multiply”
  4. Go to the Draw tool and color in your photo
  5. Save your photo


Creating pop art in pic monkey is an easy way to add some personality to your room without spending a lot of money.


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