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Ok, you’re probably feeling the pressure if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet. There’s 4 days until Christmas and still time to put together some practical (and cute) Christmas gifts. Today I’m giving you a couple easy and quick DIY Christmas gifts for Dogs/Dog Lovers.

Dog Biscuits

I love this one from TrueAim using 4 ingredients you should have on-hand already!

If you want to make your dog treats even cuter, try these super cute cookie cutters 

Personalized Dog Pillow

Steal a photo of their pet off their Facebook page, print it off onto an iron on transfer, and iron it onto a t-shirt, blanket, or pillow case.

Here’s the one I made for KeKe. It’s probably my favorite DIY! I used Picmonkey effects to create a pop art effect before ironing it onto the pillow

Duo Pack (Walmart)

I personally love this duo pack. I got mine at Walmart for $10. The bowl flips open and folds flat easily, and the built-in separator makes it easy to keep the food dry. It’s perfect if you like to take your pooch out on walking trails, long car rides, etc…I love that it has a detachable water bowl. I brought this up with KeKe on a long car ride up north to visit my mom. She loved it so much I got her one for her dog. Amazon has them here 

Dog Biscuit Labels

I found these perfect FREE biscuit labels on 3peppers.comJust print them out,cut them and attach them to your gift.

Do you have any gift ideas to share? Leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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