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Good afternoon everybody! Feeling inspired? I have some great rental hacks to upgrade your rental kitchen on a small budget. I’ve complied all of my DIY projects into one post so you can get inspired to create the [apartment] home of your dreams! I was able to completely upgrade my apartment in just a couple days and with some really cool renter-friendly products.

Here is what my rental kitchen looked like before. Pretty basic. Outdated. Boring. Mismatched appliances, dated cabinets, no backsplash, ugly outlet covers, stained countertops….basically every outdated apartment kitchen looks like this.

Here is what it looked like afterward. All of my appliances were mis-matched and outdated so I used faux stainless steel on them. Now they all match and they look much more modern. This isn’t like cheap, thin contact paper that you may have used in the past. No, no no.  When I removed this stainless steel it came off in one piece so this stuff is made so thick and durable. You can learn more about this project here.

You may be wondering how I updated my countertops in a rental…I used this really amazing product on them. It’s contact paper but it’s not like regular ole’ contact paper.  Oh, no it’s not. This stuff is THICK and DURABLE. This is premium peel and stick. It’s made with PET and PVC (like the stuff they use on vinyl flooring!). AND it’s bubble resistant. This peel and stick paper has 5 layers with a non-toxic water-based adhesive. You can read more about this DIY here.

I also updated the outlet covers with stainless steel outlet covers. Who knew something so small could make such a big difference. It’s all in the details….



I used this peel and stick backsplash to make it look more modern and give it some more visual interest. You can learn more about that project here.

I updated my dingy cabinets with this . It’s inexpensive. It won’t damage your walls. It’s easy. And it makes a huge difference, no painting required. You can read about that project here.

Lining your shelves with some wrapping paper or shelf liner is a fun way to bring in some of your personality and style to the inside of your cabinets. You can also line the back shelf for a pop of color. A fun way to bring in some personality is by displaying your favorite mugs front and center. This makes for good conversation as well.

I really enjoy cleaning and organizing so whenever I open this cabinet it makes me really happy. I love my pink cleaning caddy because it keeps all my cleaning products organized. I also really enjoy cleaning with non-toxic products. You can sign up for Grove Collaborative and get a 5-piece Mrs Meyers cleaning set for free, here.

I have removed all of these products and tested them out so ensure they are renter-friendly. You can check out that post here.

What are some ways you have updated your rental? I would love to know some more hacks! And if you’ve done any of these projects, don’t by shy. Share them with us!



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