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Hey guys! Long time, no talk. It has taken me awhile to post anything, but I promise it’ll be worth your wait. A LOT of you have requested more renter-friendly DIY’S and they are coming! I moved into an apartment and it definitely needs a little updating. I am looking into the most cost effective options for updating this space and I plan on sharing all the projects with you in future videos and blog posts.

The current task is the kitchen. I have 1980’s cabinets and plain cream colored countertops. I’ll share the pics of the kitchen in an upcoming post. As I’m doing my research I came across some really neat and cost effective temporary backsplash ideas for renters so I wanted to share them with you in this blog post.


Who would have even thought of using placemats as a temporary solution for a backsplash? They are easy to wipe down and lightweight. You can easily adhere them onto your wall with command strips. Plastic placemats would be very easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vinyl floor tiles are inexpensive and lightweight. You can find these at any box store, online, and I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen them available at Dollar stores. They usually come in a pack of ten. They are self adhesive, but I would suggest using command strips instead. Also check out your local flooring store because they may have some remnants that may just be enough SQ for what you need!

Peel N Stick Backsplash

I’m sure most of you are familiar with this project and the video I made using these peel n’ stick backsplash tiles from Crystiles . I love them so much and I’m really considering using these again in my rental. However, they are super sticky and I know they would damage the wall when I remove them. So, I am considering using command strips to adhere them to the wall. These are 3D and look about as real as real tiles without actually using tile.

Contact Paper

I know contact paper isn’t ideal, but it’s something to protect your walls and give it a little pop while you’re renting. Besides, there are some really cool ones, they’re extremely cost effective and easy to install! They aren’t extremely sticky to the point of tearing up your wall, but just sticky enough to stay on your wall until you’re ready to remove them.


Most landlords are OK with you painting, as long as you paint it back before you move out. You could paint the whole backsplash area or give it a stencil for some added texture.

Removable Wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is an easy and cost effective way to give your backsplash an update in just a few easy steps. Easy on-easy off, it’s a revolution in wall covering!

Wall Stickers

These wall stickers are self adhesive and waterproof. I have never used wall stickers like these so I am not sure just how sticky they are. Be prepared to use command strips just in case…you don’t want to damage your walls.

I hope this post gave you a little bit of inspiration! Do you have any other ideas for a renter friendly backsplash?

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