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Hey guys! So, since I moved into my apartment I knew I had to update it, but I didn’t want to lose my deposit. I was searching and searching for the perfect solution for my rental kitchen. I have used shelf liner in my past apartment, but I wanted something that looked a little nicer and 3-dimensional…like real tile.

I reached out to Tic Tac Tiles to see if these would be OK to use in my rental. They assured me they would be ok.

The website says they are sticky enough to last until you decide to move or change them out. They can easily be removed by applying heat and lifting/peeling them off the wall.

I used 5 packs total for the rental kitchen and if you’re unsure how many packs you will need, please check out How to Measure for Your Backsplash

You don’t need to sand, grout, or any fancy tools. But you will need your tiles, a box cutter and/or scissors, and a cutting mat.

Remove all your outlet covers and wipe down your walls. Make sure you get rid of any grease, crumbs, etc…I used this ammonia-free multi-surface cleaner. You can sign up for Grove Collaborative and get a 5-piece Mrs Meyers cleaning set for free, here.

You will need a clean and sleek surface to adhere these stickers to your wall. They are resistant to heat and moisture, and stain resistant. You can clean these by using a wet towel.

For jagged-edge designs you will want to cut off the overlapping tabs and apply that to the straight edge on the wall. Start overlapping the tiles in one direction the whole way through.

It’s really easy! And it makes such a big difference on a small budget. You can shop all of Tic Tac Tiles designs here.


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