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Hey guys, I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! I spent Friday night re-organizing my closet. It had gotten to the point that everything was so cluttered and the organizational system just wasn’t working for us. I wanted to get the maximum use out of our closet. After I went through everything, donated, and incorporated a new organizational system, I ended up having more than enough room for everything we have! It’s so refreshing to open the closet doors and see everything perfectly labeled, folded, hung up and organized. It makes my heart so happy. lol (I know, I’m weird, but its the little things!) So I’m going to show you the system we are using for items we aren’t hanging up on the rod.

I had initially purchased this organizer and these bins to store Jayli’s toys; although it worked great for that, we needed to have more storage for all of our clothing ASAP. So Jayli donated a lot of her toys and put the rest in a drawer hamper which is great because it hides all of her toys and doesn’t take up a lot of space

This bin has 8 compartments, so we each have four bins to store our clothing. I separated our organizers with cardboard to divide our bras/socks/undies inside the bins.  My four compartments are 1) undies/bras 2) socks 3) pajamas 4) sweats. Jay’s compartments are 1) socks 2) undies 3) pajamas 4) pajamas. You can organize and divide your bins according to your specific needs.

I used my label maker to create a label above each bin. These labels are easy to remove and won’t damage the organizer. I found that labels don’t stick to the bins and I didn’t want to make labels for each bin that would dangle and get in the way, so this was the perfect solution because it’s easy to read, easy to change out as needed, and it’s clear what are in each bin. It’s the little things that make life so much easier.

Jayli’s clothes are all stores on the left side and mine are stored on the right side. I used these hangers to save space and it made such a big difference! I will have another post coming up with more goodies I have found to make my closet super duper organized- on a budget- so keep your eyes open! Do you have any organization items or hacks that you’re excited about? If so, I’d love to hear them!


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