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WOW! Ya’ll gotta check out this before and after! Today we’re making over Jayli’s small bathroom on a very small budget. This bathroom wasn’t functional at all.

Some of the problems we had in this bathroom were:
the toilet paper holder was too far for her to reach.
she couldn’t reach the towel holder.
the door couldn’t shut all the way due to the towel hanger on the back of the door.
the medicine cabinet was off-center with the vanity.
no ceiling light fixture.
paint colors are so bold/dark that it creates a boxed-in feeling because the bathroom is already so small.

As you can see, I had my work cut out for me. But I did it. This bathroom makeover costs less than $200 and 1 day to complete. There are several DIY projects in this video and most of the things I purchased came from Five Below and Dollar Tree.

The first the I did was paint. Painting always makes such a huge difference. I painted the bathroom a light gray-beige. Just painting it made such a huge difference. With a lighter paint color on the walls it felt a lot more open and airy.

To solve the toilet paper dilemma, I got this toilet paper holder. I attached it to the side cabinet so Jayli is able to easily reach it. I love it because it holds two rolls of toilet paper and has extra storage on top (which is perfect for a small bathroom).

I got her this toothbrush holder to store her toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc…and it’s off the counter but still within reach for her.

I made a DIY Dollar Tree hanging basket to her ceiling light for an instant light makeover for under $2. You can check out that project here.

I changed out the busy shower curtain for a clean white shower curtain to give the eye a rest. This room is so small so I didn’t want a lot of busy patterns because that can get very crowded and cramped feeling – real quick! I also hung the shower curtain up higher to give the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. It helps pull the eye up towards the ceiling making the bathroom look bigger.

Above the shower curtain we had about 12″ of wall space. It felt like it needed something, but I didn’t want to put pictures on there because I felt it would be too much. But I still wanted to fill the space in and bring the eye up. So I attached this wall decal on the entire empty area and I LOVE how it looks.

I used some old towel hooks I had from my old bathroom makeover, utilizing that empty wall space for functionality.

Above the wall hooks I added a DIY thrifted picture frame the same width as the towel hooks. I wanted to fill that space in-utliizing that wall space-without it being too much. I filled it with positive affirmations. I think positive affirmations are important and a bathroom is a great place to put them.

I also attached a full body mirror ($5 from Walmart) to the back of the door. Mirrors are wonderful for making the space seem bigger than it is-and it’s functional.

To balance out the other side of the medicine cabinet, I hung up some shelves from five below and a hanging plant. This helped make the mirror not feel so off center

I got a tiny cabinet from goodwill (for around $3) it’s so small so it doesn’t take up much space, but it has several shelves in it to store extra toilet paper

What do you guys think? Hopefully this gave you some ideas for your small bathroom if you’re working within a small budget. I would love to see your before/afters, so don’t be shy in the comments!]



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