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We have SO many spices they were literally overflowing the pull-out spice drawer, taking over the pantry, and it was taking me longer to find what spices I needed than to make the actual dish! I went through ALL the spices and re-organized them based on what we used the most, what could be tossed, and condensed multiple containers into 1.

What I Used:

Magnetic Spice Tins w/ Labels
Framed Magnetic Chalkboard
8 oz. Glass Herb/Spice Bottles
Chalk markers

I cleaned out and collected ALL of the spices. Laid them out so I knew what I was working with. I condensed duplicates into one jar and tossed out the bad ones.

But I saved the jars and reused them! I took off the labels and labeled them with these chalkboard labels.

After all those jars were condensed, I still felt like we needed more of an organizational system.

I took all the spices that we use all the time and put them in these spice jars and hung them up on a chalkboard labeling them with a chalk marker into different categories; Italian, Indian, Spicy, Etc…

I took all the original labels off the spices in the slide-out cabinet and labeled them with chalkboard labels for a clean, co-hesive look.

This process took almost a day, it was a lot of work! When was the last time you organized your spices? What do you use to help keep your spices organized?


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