Springbuds Princess Castle Indoor/Outdoor Tent

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If you follow my blog, you know we are planning Jayli’s 8th Birthday and the theme is “Glamping” or Glam Camping. I found this adorable indoor/outdoor tent on Amazon and ordered it right away. It arrived in a box inside this adorable little carrying case. Jayli wanted to set it up right away. The instructions were a little tricky and unclear, but we still managed to set it up within an hour. Tip! Use the longest poles for the bottom hexagon base . Also, you’ll need someone to go inside the tent and assemble the top from the inside. Overall, assembly is easy and I was so surprised how sturdy this was.

I knew this tent was little, so I thought it would be perfect for hot summer days to provide some shade. We could lay in there and read and maybe have a picnic without bugs flying in our food. I was actually surprised how much room was inside after we assembled it. It was bigger than I thought it would be. Jayli and I both fit comfortably inside. She is eagerly waiting until the grass dries so she can put all her blankets and stuffed animals inside the tent. She can stand up at the highest point of the tent and there’s plenty of extra room for her and her friends.

This tent can be used indoor and outdoor.  It’s recommended ages 3-10. I wish I knew about this tent years ago! It’s easy to assemble and take apart once you know how it all goes together. It’s portable and foldable (it folds flat) so you can take it anywhere, open and close it quickly, and it comes with a super cute portable zipper carry bag that makes it easy to carry around.

We are using this tent primarily outdoors unless she wants to camp out in the living room with friends… which I suspect is going to happen A LOT during summer/winter school breaks. We may use it for her birthday party, but I’m not sure. I kinda just got this because it was cute…but since her Birthday party is coming up and her theme is “glamping”, we may end up using this for her party as well.

I think both of our favorite things about this tent is the 23 foot battery operated star lights that it comes with. It really brings a whole new ambience and relaxation for night time.  It takes 3 AA batteries and I was honestly so surprised how BEAUTIFUL and bright they looked when I turned them on.

It looks so magical when it gets dark outside allowing these string lights to really glow and cast off a beautiful ambiance. I really wish I had one of these when I was a kid, but the best part is, now my daughter gets to have all the cool stuff! I purchased this on Amazon (affiliate links below) and it was fast shipping.









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