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Today I’m taking you for a sneak peak inside my SUV. This isn’t what my trunk usually looks like so if you want to see how I usually organize it, just let me know and I’ll film that video as soon as I get home and get unpacked. I’m heading to South Carolina for the week to visit my friend. She doesn’t know I’m coming so…shhh… 😉 By the time this video uploads I will already be there. Her husband and I have plans to surprise her. We are going to be doing DIY’s and I’m going to help her get her house a little more homey because she’s been begging for forever to come down and help her with it! I plan on filming what I can of the before/afters 🙂

I got these seat covers to protect the original interior, they aren’t the best, but they were cheap and they do the job. I like that they have pockets on the back of the seat so I can store more things behind them. We like to keep flashcards, a mini travel sized simon game, coloring book/crayons, and a book.

On the side door I like to keep baby wipes and mini trash cans.

I like to see what everyone else puts in their center console (lol) so I’m going to tell you what I keep in mine! I like to keep Kleenex, hand sanitizer, a window breaker/seat cutter (everyone NEEDS one), tape measure, coin purse, pens, eye drops and contact case, hair stuff (hairbrush, hair ties) in these adorable cat bag.

I like to keep all my car service/receipts, and insurance and registration in an expandable organizer.

I got this universal backseat protector to keep the interior seats clean and free of stains (moms, you feel me!) And I LOVE these hanger holders that clip onto the backseat headrest. Whenever I go shopping I hang my bags on the holder and it prevents them from rolling around in the back and everything falling out of them. And whenever I have friends in the front seat we’re able to hang our purses up so it’s easy to grab and we don’t have to worry about our stuff falling out! We also hang up her lunch bag when we go on long road trips.

The trunk was tricky to figure out because no matter what I put back there everything would go flying around and get all disorganized. I’m currently using this backseat trunk organizer and I like it because I can put everything up and organized into sections without worrying about stuff falling out. It’s easily accessible too which is great for when we go camping.

I also keep this trunk organizer with insulated sections in my trunk. It’s great for grocery shopping, drive-in movies, tailgating, etc… because the sections are insulated so it helps keep the food/drinks cold. I also like it because it has velcro feet on them to prevent it from sliding around.

And what kind of DIY’er would I be if I didn’t keep a toolbox in my trunk!? You never know what you’re going to need a tool to bust out a DIY on the go!

What do you use to organize your vehicle? Do you have any hacks for me? And what is the one thing you always have on hand in your car? Mine are baby wipes! They are great for cleaning sticky fingers, cleaning the dashboard, etc…so many things!

This road trip was fun and we had a great time. To see what we did to her oldest daughters room, click here.



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