DIY Thumbtack Canvas

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Here’s a canvas I made out of a heart. It’s a great way to add color to plain white walls.

1)  Paint your canvas and put thumbtacks in whatever design your heart desires. You can print your design off and go over your design that way or free-hand it.

2)  You’ll wanna cover the back with a thin sheet of plywood or cardboard because the tacks will be poking through a little, unless you use styrofoam canvas then you wouldn’t need to do that. It’s a little time consuming, but super easy!

3)  You can spell out names, designs, shapes,etc..instead of pushing the thumbtacks in to fill the area you could the just the outline.The options are endless. You can create big or little prints, words, silhouettes of people, animals, initials, etc…!


Thumbtacks / Canvas / Acrylic Paint / Paintbrush

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