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Good morning! I hope you’re all having a great week! Today I am tackling the laundry room. The laundry room had no organizational system in order prior to moving in. I ran to Dollar Tree and picked up some bins just so it would be functional until I could get in there and make it functional AND pretty.

I found the big bins at Five Below and am surprised at the quality and the price. I bought 4 of them for just $20 and felt like the luckiest person to have snagged those up. Get them before they’re gone, seriously!

You probably remember the laundry powder container which is super cute and I love it! It has a handles on each side so you can place the scoop, that it comes with, on either side of the container.

I put my DIY All Purpose Cleaner and stain remove in these beautiful glass spray bottles . The glass bottles not only look great, but they protect the essential oils. I hung them from the shelf so it doesn’t take up shelf space. It’s easy to grab and go while looking nice as well.

I got these gorgeous wire baskets off of Amazon in a set of 2, the other basket will be in the shown in the pantry makeover (coming soon!) I put the irons in the baskets and they are great because they don’t weigh the eye down because they are open and airy. Great for a rustic farmhouse or industrial vibe. They are great quality and really sturdy.

I labeled everything with my label maker to streamline and make it easy to find things.




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